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6 March 2017

Odourmap develops into Ortelium

With the formerly know platform Odourmap, we created a tool, which was originally designed for odour-prone industries, enabling companies to get their odour impact under control, keep good neighbourhood relations and avoid potential conflicts.

Recent innovations in the Odourmap platform technology -  such as flexibility in observation types, a fully agnostic sensor API and a SAP R/3 data interface - widen the scope of Odourmap far beyond the topic of “odour”.

Already now our product has earned itself an excellent and ever-increasing reputation in the most varied of industrial applications across the globe with users in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

The manifold areas of applications should be reflected in the product name. That’s why we have decided to relaunch Odourmap as “Ortelium”, named after Abraham Ortelius (1527–1598), a Flemish cartographer and geographer with German roots.

Ortelius is recognised as the designer of the first modern atlas – the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World). He was also the first person to suggest that the continents were joined together before drifting to their present positions over time.

The passion to better understand the world around us is what motivated Abraham Ortelius – and we share this drive. “With Ortelium, we are bringing together the relation of space and time in data management and analysis to achieve a more interactive and visual way of transforming data into knowledge”, General Manager Simon Rützel-Grünberg says.

Besides the new name, we have expanded our existing technology partner network with a specialist team of software partners in order to maintain the level of professional competence, as our customer base continues to grow. The latter support us on interfacing with software products and on-demand recruitment to scale up and dedicate agile resources. 

By combining your ideas and our Ortelium platform technology, we can create a dynamic atlas that perfectly suits your business needs. 

Discover Ortelium’s existing client solutions and modules on this website and get in contact with us right now to schedule your customized web demo. 


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