August 2017

Ortelium in the scientific news

The Ortelium success story at a WWTP in Sydney is focus of a recently published paper by J.E.Hayes et al.

In the paper entitled “Unrepresented community odour impact: improving engagement strategies” the authors describe methods to train community members and plant operators in terms of odour descriptors. This enabled them to establish a communicative system, which was then incorporated into Ortelium to be used as an online dynamic odour observation platform.

To download the publication visit ScienceDirect.

Another Ortelium success story will be presented at the 7th IWA Conference on Odours and Air Emissions in the papere "Odour complaints in urban environment" by B. Mannebeck & S. Schmid.

Last but not least, we will contribute a oral presentation on "How to set up an odour management system", showcasing why Ortelium has earned itself an excellent and ever-increasing reputation as a leading odour complaint management tool in the most varied cases across the globe.

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