October 2017

Successful First Digital Kiel Week

Nearly two weeks ago, the first Digital Kiel Week closed its doors. The organizers of more than 260 events and the approx. 20,000 visitors made the event a huge success.

We are very proud that we could contribute to some significant events:

Kiel. Sensing.City?

On the basis of our international Ortelium® case studies from Sydney to Valparaíso, we showcased in an own event how environmental data intelligence can help to improve the urban everyday life of and among municpalities, industry and citizens.

Create your Smart City Grid

At the Smart City Event of eco - the Association of the Internet Industry, we discussed the "Chances of sensor integration in a smart city grid". Based on a potential Ortelium application for Kiel, that integrates sensor grid data, vessel traffic data as well as weather data in real time, we were able to demonstrate new, smart information qualities.

Digital Cities – Citizen Involvement is Key

The non-profit organization The Bay Areas organized an event of the city of Kiel and the city of San Francisco, around the twinning ceremony of both cities. We supported this initiative with a keynote speech, which led  to a lively discussion between the podium participants around Mayor Dr. Ulf Kämpfer and Mayor Edwin M. Lee on the topic "Digital Cities - Citizen Involvement is Key".

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