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We understand that your business needs are unique and that off-the-shelf solutions rarely meet individual demands. Our custom web demos provide the basis for a detailed discussion of your needs and expectations. Let's create a dynamic atlas that perfectly suits your business needs - contact us today to schedule your web demo!
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Unlock the value of your environmental data with Ortelium
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your tool to holistically monitor and manage enviromental data

‍Environmental data intelligence

Unlock the value of your environmental data with the ease and flexibility of our cloud-based software.

Ortelium is a cloud-based software solution supporting organizations in monitoring and managing environmental data to facilitate regulatory compliance, allocate resources more economically and improve relations with local communities.

Ortelium allows you to combine data feeds from IoT-enabled sensor systems and analyzers, environmental observations made by people as well as impact assessment through dispersion modelling, providing a holistic view of the environmental footprint.

Accessibility, flexibility, and visual information design are at the core of our development principles. This enables you to pinpoint the main causes of environmental impact, make data-driven decisions, and take swift action for remediation of problems.

With fine-grained data access options, different user groups can be configured to receive individual restricted access to information and features relevant to them.

The modular system architecture of Ortelium ensures that we can provide an economically tailored solution for your individual goal and budget.

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Environmental data intelligence

Technology PARTNERS

We aim to provide an individually tailored, comprehensive data solution for every application. That’s why we’ve made sure that Ortelium has strong ties with a range of technology and knowledge partners – each one an expert in their field.

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Environmental data intelligence


Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment facilities are often situated near residential areas. With Ortelium they can increase public acceptance of their site’s emissions.
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Oil Tanking & Storage
Orteliums helps operators to optimise loading processes while taking care of their environmental footprint and complying with regulatory policies.
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Smart Cities & Municipalities
With Ortelium you learn in real time, what is happening where in your city on an environmental level, while involving citizens as partners in a transparent process.
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Waste, Recycling & Composting
Odour is an inevitable consequence of waste treatment, recycling & composting operations, and Ortelium helps to implement effective, fact-based odour impact management policies.
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Animal Processing
Animal processing, like fish processing, is an industry that typically generates strong odours. With Ortelium, operators have a tool to de-escalate community conflicts.
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Pulp & Paper
Ortelium can assist pulp and paper facilities to implement a well-managed procedure in case of environmental complaints - related to odour, noise, dust, or others.
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Ortelium collects, visualises and analyses data from IoT and human sources to provide refineries with intelligence on the impact of past, current and future operations for smarter decision-making right now.
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Although Ortelium's focus lies on environmental data intelligence, the fields of application have almost endless possibilities, as proven by its usage in many use cases outside the environmental world.
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Environmental data intelligence

Contact us for a live demo

We understand that your business needs are unique and that off-the-shelf solutions rarely meet individual demands. That’s why we offer custom web demos of relevant Ortelium solutions.

These demos provide the basis for a detailed discussion of your needs and expectations. By combining your ideas and our Ortelium platform technology, we can create a dynamic atlas that perfectly suits your business needs.

Contact us today to schedule your web demo!

Environmental data intelligence

The Team behind Ortelium

Ortelium is being developed by M App BV, a software development enterprise registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our team consists of software developers, UX/UI experts, product managers, marketing and sales experts, and a variety of external partners based in Europe.

These partners support us on legal topics, interfacing with software products, and on-demand recruitment to scale up development resources dynamically, to meet demand.

Environmental data intelligence

The first modern atlas

Ortelium is named after Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598), a Flemish cartographer and geographer with German roots. Ortelius is recognised as the designer of the first modern atlas – the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World).

The passion to better understand the world around us is what motivated Abraham Ortelius – and we share this drive. With Ortelium, we are bringing together the relation of space and time in data management and analysis to achieve a more interactive way of transforming data into knowledge.

Environmental data intelligence
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