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Odour is an inevitable consequence of waste treatment, recycling and composting operations. Ortelium helps operators to clarify the source of odour problems, enabling them to respond quicker to potential issues to keep the amount of odour generated on the community they serve as low as possible. In addition, operators learn to understand external factors like meteorology and geography better to prevent odour incidents in the future.

Odour Observation Management Waste

Integrate citizens into the odour management process

With Ortelium you can collect spontaneous citizen observations via a dedicated Smartphone app or directly via the Ortelium web platform, allowing you to monitor and analyse the causes of frequently occurring odour nuisances.

Not only that, with Ortelium’s streamlined data collection features, you can also integrate reports by professional odour panels, trained technical staff or community field panels.

This helps operators of waste, recycling and composting sites to get the most from event-based observations – such as complaints, incidents and inspections – while improving efficiency in both data management and internal or external reporting with the aim to implement effective, fact-based odour impact management policies.

Get instant access to odour intelligence

Combining observation results with plant process data allows operators to take measures to reduce the odour impact from their waste, recycling or composting site in intensity and frequency.

Through advanced backtracking capabilities, Ortelium allows you to even locate the potential source of unpleasant odours by means of meteorological simulation and reverse trajectory modelling. This enables operators also to provide evidence in case their operations were not responsible for specific complaints, which is helpful especially in areas witha diversity of potential odour sources.

Ortelium Complaint Backtracking Hysplit
Environmental data intelligence
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