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Environmental data intelligence

technology partners

We aim to provide an individually tailored, comprehensive data solution for every application. That's why we've made sure that Ortelium maintains a network of technology partners that cover a wide range of environmental monitoring solutions, each an expert in their field.

Dispersion modelling partner

Meteosim dispersion modelling partner

We have a strategic alliance with Meteosim, a renowned technological consulting company specialised in highly-reliable meteorological services using most advanced numerical modelling tools to support decision making and identify critical operational activities.

Sensor partners

AQMesh sensor partner

Small-sensor air quality monitoring systems to measure key pollutants in ambient air using electrochemical sensors, and particulates using a light-scattering optical particle counter. Simultaneous monitoring of relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, pod temperature & noise.

Oizom sensor partner

Sensor-based air monitoring systems to measure various environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odorous gaseous emissions, particulate matter, weather, radiation, etc. on a real-time basis.

3S sensor partner

Highly sensitive gas sensor systems to selectively detect odorous substances and volatile organic compounds occurring in ambient air by means of a characteristic a response pattern ("fingerprint"). The systems use a single temperature-modulated and intelligently interpreted gas sensor.

Ellona (Rubix) sensor partner

Air emission monitoring stations based on multiple gas sensors (electrochemical gas sensors, MOS sensors, PID sensors, PM sensors, optical sensors) that allow for low ppb fence line monitoring of VOC, odours & air pollutants, as well as noise. Correlation with OU/m3 can be provided via  dynamic olfactometry.

SODAQ sensor partner

Solutions for any Internet of Things (IoT) project, including hardware, software, LPWAN connectivity, low-power GPS tracking and environmental monitoring. Off-the-shelf solutions for low power GPS tracking in addition to solar powered monitoring solutions for air quality, water quality and soil quality are also available.

Envea sensor partner

Miniaturized micro-sensors or continuous monitoring of diffuse emissions, in industrial or urban areas using electrochemical cells. Real-time monitoring of the most common types of pollutants, as well as temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

Sulfilogger sensor partner

The SulfiLogger sensor provides the reliable insights you need to optimize your H2S management. It continuously measures hydrogen sulphide in untreated sewage, in the air above sewage, or in wet process gases. It is suitable for both permanent H2S monitoring and portable sulfide mapping campaigns.

Airsense sensor partner

Intelligent sensor array for monitoring odour leakages over large areas, at the fenceline of plants and at sources. Combination of 3 sensors: photoionization detector (PID), electrochemical cell (EC), 4 metal oxide semiconductors (MOS).

ATI sensor partner

Analytical instrumentation, based on electrochemical and optical sensors, and data analytics for water and gas applications, including solutions for continuous real-time H2S monitoring at Odour Control Units.

Qweriu odour sensors

Qweriu combines MOS sensors with machine learning algorithms for continuous odour and air quality monitoring. Augmented by dedicated sensors for wind, weather and pollutants such as particulate matter, CO2, and NO2, their iNoses provide a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Cesva sensor partner

Light weighted, small sized noise measuring sensor with class 1 accuracy according to IEC 61672-1 for continuous noise monitoring to generate noise maps and display noise levels in real time.

Ortelium sensor monitoring
Environmental data intelligence
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