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Client Solution

Oil Tanking & Storage

You’re not alone in wanting to maximise the efficiency of your loading processes while minimising your environmental impact. By inserting process parameters of oil tanking operations into Ortelium, the system provides data intelligence on how the odour disperses into the environment, and provides recommendations on how to adapt operations to reduce or even prevent alert situations. Ortelium users stated that dynamic modelling and forecasting helps them to optimise their loading processes while taking care of their environmental footprint and complying with regulatory policies.

Run loading operations most efficiently while avoiding complaints

Of course, pumping speed is one key factor in keeping lay time to a minimum. There’s a downside to this increased efficiency, though: the greater the pumping speed, the higher the emissions.

Do you want to reduce emission-based complaints while keeping your oil tanking and loading processes optimised? Do you want to understand how the impact of your emissions is affected by changing weather conditions? Ortelium is your tool.

Ortelium forecasts and monitors the impact of oil tanking and storage emissions in defined areas that are of special interest for your data monitoring (e.g.neighbouring residential areas) under dynamically updated weather conditions and a set pumping speed.

The software will alert you if a monitoring area may be affected – and a neighbourhood disturbed as a result. And, for the ultimate in user-friendly process management, Ortelium even suggests an optimal pumping speed to avoid alert situations that may result in temporary working restrictions, fines or in the worst case permit withdrawal.

Integrate sensors for continuous environmental monitoring

Ortelium allows you to combine dynamic real time dispersion modelling and forecasting with citizen observations, but also with sensor systems, such as NOx, SO2 or PM10  sensors to detect and quantify key substancesof potential sources of air quality and odour nuisance.

That way you can establish a more meaningful picture of the environmental situation around your facility.

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