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Client Solution

Pulp & Paper

Due to the very low olfactory perception threshold of typical pollutants from the pulp and paper industry, odour problems are rather widespread throughout this sector, even if regulatory requirements are met. Ortelium can be used as an in-house odour incident management tool, in which trained staff members can report odour-related observations with ease. The resulting time saving means pulp & paper plants can take action promptly, too, to respond quicker to potential issues.

Odour Observation Statistics

Make your observations more meaningful

Ortelium can assist pulp and paper facilities to implement a well-managed procedure if environmental complaints - related to odour, noise, dust, or others - are a regular occurrence.

Depending upon client requirements, the system can be configured as a private in-house complaints management tool, in which trained staff members can report odour-related observations with ease. The resulting time saving means the plant can take action promptly, too, to clarify the source of odour problems, and to respond  quicker to potential issues.

Operators can also open the system up for the local community, as integrating citizens directly into the odour management process can increase public acceptance of a site’s emissions.

A combined approach of communication and monitoring

Ortelium allows you to combine observations with real-time and forecasted weather data, but also with sensor systems, such as H2S or CH4S sensors to detect and quantify key substances of potential sources of odour nuisance, to establish a more meaningful picture of the environmental situation.

Odour Observation and Sensor Integration
Environmental data intelligence
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