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Although Ortelium's focus lies on environmental data intelligence, the fields of application have almost endless possibilities, as proven by its usage in many use cases outside the environmental world. Below you find a selection of such use cases. If you have your own ideas about how Ortelium could support you, we’d love to hear from you. Our team is ready to create a solution to meet your unique business needs.


Time is of the essence in health and safety management – as is proper documentation. These two demands may be difficult to reconcile, but Ortelium ensures you can input, access, filter and interpret data according to your needs.

Thanks to this software, your staff can report health and safety-related incidents with ease. The resulting time saving means you can take action promptly, too. The process is fully traceable, allowing you to review all incidents from the time they were reported, through all the actions taken to resolve them.

Do you want to provide reports on your incidents and the time taken to resolve them? Do you need to report on certain types of incident over time, areas or specific categories? Ortelium is your tool.  

Ortelium users say that the platform offers a standardised incident management procedure, with fully traceable documentation and effective reporting tools.


The challenges facing waste collection services range from incident and complaint management through to the need for data analysis and performance monitoring.

Ortelium addresses these challenges, allowing workers to document problems on their waste collection round (location-based and in real time) using the Ortelium smartphone app. This helps to validate any complaints from customers about non-collected waste containers, as well as enabling timely and accurate feedback.

Environmental data intelligence
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