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Waste water treatment facilities are often situated near residential areas. This means disturbing odours may be too close to home for those living nearby.

If complaints are a regular occurrence, you’ll already know the importance of a well-managed procedure to record and manage them.

Would you like a robust data base to help you better understand your plant over time and under specific weather conditions? Do you want to review your plant’s processes, identify opportunities for improvement and make fact-based operational decisions? Do you want to make your environmental impact distinguishable from other industrial emissions in your area? Ortelium is your tool.


At treatment plants where Ortelium is already in use, clients find that the software increases public acceptance of their site’s emissions. This is because the Observation module gives members of the local community a direct line of communication and the opportunity for their comments to be heard – via the Ortelium smartphone app, for example.

Contact us for a tailor-made online demo of how a dynamic Ortelium atlas can help you to foster good neighbourly relations and boost the value of your complaints and observations procedure.

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Ortelium Observation Management


Ortelium Meteo Data



Ortelium Observation Module
Ortelium Observation Module
Ortelium Observation Module
Ortelium Observation Module
Ortelium Statistics
Ortelium Statistics
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