November 2021

ATi UK - new Ortelium technology partner for continuous real-time H2S monitoring at Odour Control Units

We are happy to announce a new technology partner for our Ortelium SaaS Odour Management solution! ATi UK will extend our list of non-exclusive sensor partners that allow us to offer our clients the most suitable sensor solution for their specific monitoring needs.

ATi UK offers analytical instrumentation, based on electrochemical and optical sensors, and data analytics for water and gas applications, including solutions for continuous real-time H2S monitoring at Odour Control Units.

Continuous real-time information from sensors installed at the inlet and outlet of Odour Control Units (OCU) provides valuable information about the efficiency of the OCUs and allows for instant action, when they don't work efficiently anymore.

Integrating that information into Ortelium alongside odour complaints, dispersion modelling and odour impact analysis, allows operators to better understand when odour impact may occur at local communities due to issues related to the OCUs.

Unlike other systems that are designed to monitor at source, the ATi solution does not require a dedicated extra sampling system. Also, the ATi solution is specifically designed to work reliably in wet conditions which is often the case for odour sources.

If you are interested to learn more about the ATi sensor systems feel free to contact us via

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