April 2021

Ortelium citizen observation project at waste center in Catalunya, Spain

Ortelium is currently used in a project at the Maresme Waste Center in the city of Mataró in Catalunya, Spain. 

In the project, which is run by Odournet Spain, citizens are directly integrated into the odour management process, as they can instantly log odour observations via the Ortelium smartphone app. With this information, Ortelium helps industry to clarify the source of odour problems. Being able to respond quicker to potential issues, operators can keep the amount of odour generated on the community as low as possible. 

At the same time, Ortelium can promote effective engagement and communication between site operators, regulators and the local community.

If you speak Catalan, the following link will lead you to a video by the local broadcasting station:  https://mataroaudiovisual.cat/noticia/societat/estrenen-una-app-detectar-olors-al-voltant-del-centre-de-residus-del-maresme

Feel free to get in touch with our partners from Meteosim SL (www.meteosim.com), our exclusive Ortelium sales partners in Spain, to find out more, or contact us directly via contact@ortelium.com.

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