December 2023

International Handbook on the Assessment of Odour Exposure using Dispersion Modelling

More than 50 experts from many different countries, including scientists, consultants, public officials, and other stakeholders, have collaborated to produce the world’s first handbook dedicated to assessing odour exposure through dispersion modelling. This handbook is designed to bridge the gap in existing guidelines for odour management and dispersion modelling.

The handbook provides a valuable resource for professionals globally engaged in odour exposure assessment and includes seven specialised chapters to delve into every aspect of odour modelling:

  1. Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations and Symbols
  2. Meteorology
  3. Sources and Emissions Characterisation
  4. Dispersion Algorithms
  5. Output Dose-Response
  6. Other Approaches
  7. Reporting

It is accessible through the Environmental International Society of Odour Managers website.

Looking to understand how odours and air pollutants disperse into the atmosphere? Our team can help! Contact us via to learn more. Our experts have extensive experience with a wide range of odour dispersion models, including conventional Gaussian models (e.g. Aermod, ADMS), and more advanced ‘puff’ and ‘particle’ dispersion modelling techniques (e.g. Austal, CALPUFF). We can help ensure environmental soundness by assessing odour impact, measuring compliance, and optimizing odour control strategies for your site.

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