April 2023

Ortelium and St. Croix Sensory at the Odors and Air Pollutants Conference 2023

Together with our US partner St. Croix Sensory, Ortelium will be participating in the Odors and Air Pollutants Conference 2023 taking place in Charlotte, NC, USA during 16 and 19 May 2023.

St. Croix Sensory is the leading odour laboratory in North America with international recognition in the field of odour measurement, and exclusive reseller in the North American market for our environmental data intelligence application Ortelium.

Our Ortelium project manager Camelia-Eliza Telteu will join the St. Croix team and is looking forward to welcoming you at Booth 714 in the Odors Pavilion to show you how our cloud-based software solution enables organizations to combine and streamline different data channels for a holistic odour and air quality management approach.

So please visit us and find out how Ortelium allows you to facilitate and enrich your daily work in the field of odour and air quality assessment, as well as related complaint validation in due time by means of back trajectory analysis, real-time dispersion modelling, and integration of Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS).

Ortelium has been developed by Olfasense, a major specialist odour consultancy and the world's leading supplier of odour measurement equipment. We can deliver our cutting-edge expertise worldwide, thanks to our mobile laboratory and a special team of experienced field technicians and consultants.

Would you like to discuss a specific project? Talk to us to arrange an online demo-session to experience the overall look and feel of our Ortelium platform at first hand.

To find out more about the conference visit the website Odors and Air Pollutants Conference 2023. If you would like to arrange a meeting with the Ortelium/St. Croix Sensory experts, please get in touch with Mike McGinley (mike@fivesenses.com) or Camelia-Eliza Telteu (CET@ortelium.com).

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