January 2020

Ortelium, OIZOM and Aaxis Nano join forces in Smart City and Smart Industry projects in India

Ortelium and India-based companies OIZOM and Aaxis Nano forge a strategic partnership to provide smart air quality management solutions to the Indian market. 

Combining their strengths and bringing in their individual expertise, the companies join forces in their pursuit of better air quality through sensor-based environmental monitoring, advanced near-real-time modelling, as well as innovative data reporting and citizen engagement. 

“We realized very quickly that the strategic alliance between our companies was a natural fit as we all bring in different aspects required to provide comprehensive solutions to end clients.” Simon Rützel-Grünberg, Managing Director of Olfasense explains. With Ortelium, Olfasense offers an environmental monitoring software platform that allows for the integration of environmental data from many different sources and combines this with innovative data visualization.

The rapidly growing company OIZOM develops innovative air quality monitors that have generated much attention over the last couple of years. With deployments in more than 250+ locations, OIZOM is already serving clients all across the globe with their solutions. “With our company rapidly growing we saw the synergy effects of combining our air quality monitors with a proven and sophisticated monitoring software application as Ortelium.”, explains Ankit Vyas CEO of OIZOM, while Sanjeev Gogia, Managing Director of Aaxis Nano adds: “With Olfasense providing the software, OIZOM providing the hardware and Aaxis Nano providing deployment, maintenance and consultancy services, clients are receiving full-service turnkey solutions with a combination of state of the art technologies. We were looking for partners that allow us to provide innovative environmental monitoring solutions to smart cities and industrial clients, and we found these partners in Olfasense and OIZOM.” Aaxis Nano Technologies Private Limited has been in business for 20 years and is today operating in 11 different locations all across India, serving clients from various industries but also smart cities with their solutions and services for process analytics and environmental monitoring. 

“Air pollution is nowadays a serious problem in many cities in India, which receives a lot of national but also international press recognition. City Management, Pollution Control Boards and industries alike are now in charge to ensure the situation can be improved to avoid serious health effects for affected citizens. With our partnership, we want to support this process by offering innovative solutions to monitor, analyze and understand air quality issues more efficiently and to support decision making processes through the provision of access to actionable knowledge.” Christoph Mannebeck, Ortelium's Head of Product Development concludes. “The teams are looking forward to kicking things off in 2020 and to make this partnership a big success story.”

If you want to learn more about this partnership, please get in touch with our team via contact@ortelium.com.

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