June 2021

Ortelium at the UK Odour Management User Group (OMUG)

Our head of product development, Christoph Mannebeck has recently provided different sessions to the UK Odour Management User Group (OMUG) on managing odour complaints through digital means.

The OMUG is an initiative by the Water Research Centre (WRc) that started in 2017 to gather representatives from water utilities across the UK involved in odour management. During the OMUG meetings, a very comprehensive range of subjects are discussed including root causes of odour, control technologies, modelling, instrumentation and monitoring techniques, among others.

During Christoph's first session, the participants got an understanding of how odour observations, when analysed and validated correctly, can be a valuable asset to the odour management process and the benefits of participatory odour complaint management.

The second session focused on the concept of holistic odour management by adding complementary data to these odour observations, including but not limited to real-time and forecasted dynamic dispersion modelling, back-tracking calculations, but also sensor systems which are making use of gas sensors to detect and quantify key odorants of odour sources.

During both sessions, Christoph outlined how a holistic system like Ortelium helps to review your plant’s processes, identify opportunities for improvement and make fact-based operational decisions.

We are very happy to share the following participant feedback:

" (...) thank you for providing another excellent presentation yesterday. It was very informative and definitely covered the aspects that were of great interest to the user group. It was impressive to see how different types of data can be brought together, viewed and assessed."
"I thought your presentation clearly demonstrated what can be achieved with the innovative and creative use of data monitoring and analysis as an aid to incident identification, process optimisation, and relationship building with customers and other stakeholders. Excellent content and well delivered!"

If you would like to know more about Ortelium, or you would like to arrange your own training session with the Ortelium team, get in touch via contact@ortelium.com

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