June 2024

Ortelium welcomes Qweriu as new technology partner!

Qweriu offers advanced solutions for continuous monitoring of air quality and odours, empowering industries, governments, and communities to collaboratively tackle the challenge of maintaining a balanced living environment.

At the core of Qweriu's approach is the modular iNose sensor device, which detects air quality anomalies and provides insights into odorous emissions and specific gases using MOS sensors, machine learning algorithms, and smart data Analytics. Tracking also wind, weather conditions, and key pollutants such as particulate matter, CO2, and NO2, these plug-and-play sensors offer a scalable, cost-effective solution for real-time air Quality and odour monitoring across various environments.

We are thrilled to expand our list of non-exclusive sensor partners that allow us to offer our clients the most suitable sensor solution for their specific monitoring needs.

To find out more, feel free to contact us via contact@ortelium.com.

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